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2014 Maserati Ghibli Mileage Correction

The owner of this Maserati, called us asking if we could install a second hand set of dials for him. He had put a nasty scratch along the cluster plastic front.

We removed the existing cluster and installed the replacement. The mileage is stored in just the cluster, so we had to reprogam these to match the existing mileage stored for the vehicle. Another happy customer!

2014 Ford Focus Mileage Correction

This vehicle came to us after a battery issue which had corrupt the display mileage. The display read blank.

As many people know, corrupt mileages can be caused by flat batteries or jump starting. We removed the cluster and reprogrammed the eeprom chip to the current mileage the vehicle should be on. After this, the mileage was now displaying correctly.

2012 Audi A3 Mileage Correction

This vehicle came to us with a faulty speedo motor.

A new speedo motor for this cluster was more than buying a replacement second hand cluster, so the customer did just that. Brought the replacement cluster to us and we installed it, correcting the displayed mileage to match the existing displayed mileage on the faulty cluster.

2005 Bmw 320d Mileage Correction

We was approached by a customer who had fitted a new engine in his Bmw 3 series and wanted to correct his mileage to suit the mileage of the car.

As many people know, Bmws can be abit of a pain as the mileage is stored in many locations. In this particular model it is stored in the Dash and the CAS 2 module. It has to be changed in both else it will display the higher one of the two. We adjusted the mileage stored in both locations and the new mileage was now visable.

2014 Vauxhall Vivaro Mileage Correction

A local man brough his Vauxhall Vivaro to us after frying his Ecu and Dash whilst jump starting it. On these vans it is stored in the dash and ecu. Most people just alter the mileage in the dash as the Ecu mileage isnt necessary to alter, but we do it in all locations for a proper job.

2002 Porsche 911 Mileage Correction

We was lucky enough to have a customer approach us reguarding his Porsche 911. He had a dead Lcd display and wanted to install a new cluster from a donar car. The donar vehicles cluster was displaying alot more miles than what his Porsche had on, so mileage correction was necessary to correct the new cluster.

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